led tv reviewsLED TVs are, in fact, just a more modern version of the LCD HDTV. Some people may be clueless about this so we’ll start our discussion with LCD technology. LCD TVs or liquid crystal display televisions use a lighting device called a cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs. These lamps are responsible for lighting up the crystals on the television screen and displaying images. The CCFLs light up LCD shutters that are on the television screen. These shutters control the amount of light that will penetrate to the screen. If the image has a bright color, then the shutters will let in large amounts of white light but if the required color is a dark one, the shutters will do the opposite. Additionally, the LCD shutters can filter specific portions of the white light to have better colors on the images.

Technology Behind LED TVs

We now discuss the technology behind LED TVs. These televisions are pretty much like the LCD televisions since they use the same liquid crystal display. The main difference between them is the lighting device. Instead of CCFLs, LED TVs use LED or light-emitting diode. These diodes are much smaller compared to CCFLs and they are placed behind the screen. This technique is called the local dimming which allows light adjustments. However, this technique can cause “blooming” or the overlap of bright areas and dark areas on the screen. Another technique in LED lighting is the “edge backlighting” where the LEDs are placed around the edge of the television to illuminate light inward. A disadvantage of this is that it can cause the colors to appear uneven and washed out. LED TVs are versions of the LCD TVs that have better color, contrast, and brightness.

As mentioned, LED TVs are very expensive and before buying one, you must consult LED TV reviews to know the qualities of the most popular LED TVs. The factors to look for when buying an LED TV are its features, display, and connections. It will also be good if the manufacturer provides adequate help and support to their clients. Below are reviews of some of the popular brands of LED TVs.

Some LED TVs With The Best Reviews

The Samsung UN55B8000 is one LED TV that stands out from the rest. The screen of this television is 55 inches which is large enough to be placed as the centerpiece in a home theater system. The screen is only 1.2 inches so you can perfectly mount it on your wall. The entire television is only 2 inches thick and it has a crystal-clear support that can match the interior design of any room. This set has two remotes: one for the basic functions and the other for all the functions of the television. Compared to the regular LCD TVs, Samsung UN55B8000 can save up to 40% on electricity. The stand also has the ability to rotate to 20 degrees for better viewing angles. The technology in this LED TV provides good brightness levels. Moreover, this has a pretty good contrast ration which is 5,000,000:1. The contrast ration means that you can have the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. Samsung UN55B8000 has a refresh rate of 240 Hz so you will experience no motion blur especially when watching shows with fast-moving images. This television also has enough connections such as HDMI inputs and inputs for other components. Samsung UN55B8000 is perfect for those who want a good-quality but relatively cheap LED TV.

LG INFINIA 55LE8500 is the next on our list of LED TV reviews. This television is one of the first to have a 1.4-inch thick display. This also has a glass design of one sheet which provides the viewers a good look at any angle. LG INFINIA 55LE8500 gives the used a full control over the display settings so it can be adjusted depending on the location of the TV. This TV has advantage over other LED TVs when it comes to local dimming and light filtering. However, this TV is not recommended to be placed on well-lit areas since the glass reflects light and produces lots of glare. This model comes with so many internet applications such as YouTube and Netflix. It also has four inputs for HDMI and one for PC. Moreover, you can connect your TV the internet through an Ethernet port.

Vizio XVT553SV is becoming a popular brand of LED TVs. This model has been getting good LED TV reviews because of its exceptional features. Vizio XVT553SV is no ordinary LED TV. This has advanced internet applications compared to other LED televisions. It is also Wi-Fi-enabled for hassle-free browsing. The model has a matte screen to avoid the production of lots of glare when the television is placed on areas with bright lighting. The remote control of Vizio XVT553SV comes with a built-in keyboard for faster searching. The remote is also Bluetooth-enabled so you do not have to aim it directly at the television. At a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, Vizio XVT553SV has the best contrast between the light and dark areas among other LED TVs. This LED TV has five ports for HDMI, three for USB, one for the PC, and one for the Ethernet.

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